What is the issue?

Sunwater recently became aware that some employees on Individual Employment Contracts, who are largely technical specialists and senior leaders, may have been covered by Sunwater’s Enterprise Agreement.

As a result, some employees may not have received their full payment of entitlements due under the EA during their period of employment with Sunwater.

Which employees are affected?

All past and present Sunwater employees who were employed under an Individual Employment Contract may be affected.  These are typically senior leaders and technical experts in the business.

Sunwater employees who are, or previously were, employed under the Sunwater Enterprise Agreement are not affected.

When was the issue identified?

Sunwater was alerted to the potential application issues following the annual remuneration review in August 2019.

In parallel, as part of their representations in October, unions requested clarification on Sunwater’s position on coverage for Individual Employment Contracts.

Is this a payroll issue?

This is not a payroll issue.

All employees have been paid correctly in accordance with their Sunwater Individual Employment Contract.

This is an application issue relating to who is covered by Sunwater’s Enterprise Agreement.

How will I know if I am impacted?

Sunwater recognises the seriousness of this issue, and we are taking full responsibility and action to rectify it as a matter of priority.

We have commenced our process of notifying past and present employees that we believe may be affected.

We have established a dedicated telephone number, email address and website for past and present employees to obtain further personalised information.

How much will I receive in payments?

Sunwater has engaged independent external advisors to assist our claims team, which is currently reviewing each employee contract and their calculation of entitlements as a matter of priority.

This process will determine if any underpayment has occurred.

Once verified, Sunwater will pay all entitlements owed in full, with interest.

When will I receive payments?

Where an underpayment has been verified, we will work with you to ensure that any payments owed to you are paid as quickly as possible.

This will be managed through our dedicated claims team.

What is the process for finding out how much money is owed to me?

Sunwater will contact past and present employees identified as affected with more information about the claims process.

If you know you were employed on an Individual Employment Contract, or think you may have been, please complete and submit the form located on the Past Employees page, or call our claims hotline on 1800 325 001.

If you are unsure if you were employed on an Individual Employment Contract or under the Sunwater Enterprise Agreement, please complete the same steps outlined above and our claims team will be in touch.

Will you keep all employees informed of the claims process and progress?

We are committed to ensuring that all past and present employees impacted by this issue are immediately informed about any major developments.